Friday, November 5, 2010

Nov 5, 2010

Don't send out the search party; I'm okay.
Life has had the usual ups and downs.
We are heading into divorce and it will likely be long and difficult. Kelly believes that all the assets are hers and all the debt is mine. It is likely we will spend $1000's on legal fees to divide up a relatively modest sum of 15 years of effort. I would just walk away and not waste the cash, except it's not fair tot he kids to not have a home with their dad, just their mom. She won't have as nice a place as she wants (or believes she deserves) but at least I'll have enough for a down payment on a condo.
Day to day has remained the same except that I don't stay over and stopped accepting dinner invitations a month ago. It is just too awkward.
I have asked us to attend counseling together since we can't speak to each other about life or the kids without Kelly getting angry and leaving the room. So far she has refused to anything joint saying any changes have to come from me.
I moved in with a buddy of mine who's wife also left him int eh summer. The kids can stay on the weekends when his kids are with their mom. I see them less overnight, but at least this way they get their own rooms.
I'll keep you better informed but some days it's all I can do to focus on work and the kids without losing my mind.

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