Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept 14, 2010

The weekend in point form:
  • Friday night I stayed for dinner with Kelly and the kids. She didn't want me to go when I left but said she would be looking forward to time together alone the next day.
  • Saturday I did some wiring repairs where I took down that wall last week. She said she was feeling sick and asked if we could have our date another time. I took the kids with me.
  • Kelly called Sunday morning and said maybe we could all hang out on the dock at my place. She asked me to bring Erin over.
  • Never heard from Kelly for rest of day. Taylor and I played tennis and hung out waiting.
  • At 7 PM Erin appeared at my door crying saying mom had just dropped her off. They had a fight about mom spending the afternoon with some other guy at the house. I had no clothes or homework for the kids so would have to take them back to Kelly in the morning for school!
  • Kelly called half an hour later angry that Erin had apparently been rude to her "friend" Craig. I suggested that Erin was upset that the plans for all of us to hang out at my place had been changed.
  • Kelly said she had no such plans, was free to spend time with anyone she wanted, said "Fuck all of you!" and hung up.
  • Monday she sent me an email saying I was poisoning the kids against her. I told her I haven't said a thing but they can see what's going on with their own eyes.
  • She kept the kids last night.
I'm seeing a lawyer tomorrow.

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