Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept 7, 2010

I never thought being back at work after a long weekend would be a welcome thing, but under the circumstances, it's a relief. At least I understand the office and all the attached neuroses.

Friday night seemed almost normal. Kelly was having trouble with the wireless function on her lap top, which I fixed. We even slept together Friday night and I had the best sleep I had had in weeks. Saturday morning did not have the expected "anxiety" from Kelly like the previous times we had sex. I was thinking we might be out of the woods. I did some chores then Taylor and I went over to my place to watch the Notre Dame/ Purdue game (Way to go Irish!). He had his first game on Sunday up Island and managed to get in for several plays in the second half.

Sunday evening with Kelly started off fine, like Friday. Dinner, kids' bed time etc. Then she picked a fight with me because the Internet was not working properly. I asked her just to reboot the modem, like you often have to do and she blamed me for getting a poor service when we moved in, how much better Shaw cable had been blah, blah. It was like a crisis for her. But she would rather get angry over the connection than do the simple fix to resolve it. I went back to my place at 11:30.

Monday I came over to get Erin because I was going to put her on the bus this morning for her first day at the new school. Kelly asked me to take down a wall in the garage, which took me 4 hours (but I like that stuff). After that she said she was frustrated because she can't move forward with her own life plans because she has the kids around all the time. In fact, she said she had had them all summer.

I tried to point out the number of nights either one or both of the kids have been with me, and many of the weekends including the ones when she has gone to Vancouver. She go really cross and said I was accusing her of sleeping with other men on her weekends. I got out of there with Erin as fast as I could before it turned really nasty.

Kelly called me at 12:30 asking where the dish soap was! I think she must have been into her second bottle of wine by that point.

Erin looked lovely waiting for the bus this morning. If she was at all nervous, you wouldn't have known.

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scargosun said...

Maybe someone should remind her that the kids she helped create are PART OF THE LIFE PLAN. So you take a wall down for her at the home you don't live in and she picks a fight? Um. WTF?