Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aug 17, 2010

In the past week and a half, things have settled down from the drama of the last post. Taylor has had a baseball practice or game nearly every night. Since I'm assistant coach, I pick him up and often keep him over night. Erin has been staying over with me on the nights that Talyor doesn't except for a couple of nights I've been on my own.The kids say mom is spending alot of time on the internet - I suspect she is on-line dating now.

The first week Kelly wouldn't come to the door at drop off's or pick ups, but near the end of last week she warmed up again. This weekend she went to Vancouver and I stayed in the house. I got alot of the garden work done (weeding, brush cut back, sprinkler replacement and a new clothesline). I went back to my place on Sunday, but made dinner for everyone last night and stayed over.

I slept in the guest bedroom, but Kelly and I did make out after the kids went to bed. Erin is in drama camp this week so I dropped her off before coming into work.

My counselor recommends I meet some women for coffee etc if Kelly is going to be dating. I don't think I can do that.

(Note: Thanks for all the support. I'm keeping my guard up)

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scargosun said...

It is odd to me that your counselor suggested the coffee thing. You should not have to force yourself into that right now. Def keep your guard up