Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept 22, 2010

Kelly told me yesterday she is going to see a counselor. I thought this was a positive step and might lead to agreeing to joint marriage counselling. She is just so volatile and easily depressed. She sees her life as nothing but negative; even more so if she is to be single with no job etc. The problem is she doesn't see this all as her choice.

I gave her all the info for the counselling services payed for through my company.

Taylor and Erin seem to be doing okay despite everything. Both have made friends at school and are doing their work. Erin is loving figure skating and Taylor talks about nothing but football. He is even doing the calisthenics workout the coach sent home. He never did that for hockey.

He has a game up in Nanaimo this weekend, so I'll have at least him with me. Probably have Erin too.


scargosun said...

I am glad that she is thinking of therapy. You should both still go to one.

scargosun said...

Paul - You ok? No posts in awhile. That could be good or bad.