Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

This was a pretty good weekend, all things considered. I stayed at the house with Kelly and the kids. We did more unpacking of boxes and started to tackle the yard. I came up after work on Friday and BBQ’d burgers with the kids and Kelly said for me to stay for the night so I didn’t have to drive up again in the morning. We slept together but didn’t have sex.

Saturday was just like normal, like back in Winnipeg. We had coffee and breakfast all together. Then the day was productive: moving furniture, hanging pictures etc. Tyler mowed the front yard (after I got a new air filter for the mower). Late afternoon, Kelly went to the nursery and bought several flats of flowers while I went to the store for beer and wine.

That night I BBQ’d chicken and corn on the cob and we sat out on the back deck enjoying the sunshine while the kids played badminton. That was a good moment. After the kids went to bed we stayed up until 2 watching movies. Then we made love but it took her forever to cum. I was pretty exhausted and I think she was sort of passing out.

Sunday morning, was weird, right away; it was like everything had changed. Kelly was very agitated and tense. It was like she couldn’t wait to get me out of there. Around 2 PM, she picked a fight with me over a mop I left behind in Winnipeg, like it was the end of the world. It didn‘t matter that I could barely shut the door of the moving truck, and packed way more things that she even asked for.

I said I can just buy another mop and she said this was why we couldn’t be together because we’ll never get out of debt with me always doing this stuff. Am I always leaving mops behind when we move?

I hate that “You always” and “You never” stuff. And she uses it only for bad stuff, not good. I’d like to hear, “You always listen to me,” or “You never raise your voice in anger”.

Anyway, I left to stay with my buddy again, but not before Kelly said I needed to find somewhere to stay where the kids could come too. What does that mean?

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