Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010

Last time I wrote, I was saying things were looking up since I put the deposit down on my own 2 month place. Then they went sour when Kelly said she wanted me to take the kids camping or anywhere tonight because she has her friend from Vancouver coming over tonight. I suspected it was a guy-friend and said just that. She admitted it was the high school friend she took the kids boating with but said it was none of my business. I was angry and left to stay at Brian's on Wednesday night.

Then last night she phoned me and asked if we could have "a date" at the new place on Monday and watch the Mariner's game on the big screen (did I mention the apartment had a big screen) and have wine and appetizers etc.) She said maybe it could be like a fresh start for us.

So I need to make me and the kids scarce for 3 nights and get ready for our date. Can I forget the fact that Kelly is spending time with this guy in the meantime? I need to go for a run before my head bursts.


scargosun said...

Trooper told me to visit you and I do what he says. Ok, maybe not really but might I a woman...who is T F! When I nag my DH about stuff and think I am the worst wife ever, I am going to think of this post today. In those terms, I totally rock. Thanks for the confidence.

Seriously thou, that sucks. Hope your run helped.

Remo said...


Been there. Went through absolute mental hell and anguish not to mention getting royally screwed financially by a woman who played the same games.

She's stringing you along until she gets her ducks in a row. When the time is right (for her) you will be bent over and left hanging.

Grab your balls. Feel 'em? If your hand is full you obviously have a pair, so use 'em.

Yeah... I'm a little bitter - and it's been two years.