Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

I’m so confused by the situation with Kelly right now; good thing I’m seeing the counsellor after work tonight.

Yesterday Kelly responded to my email asking if I could come for supper after work. She missed me, the kids missed me etc. I brought some wine and pitched in with the cooking plus I unpacked some more stuff. Kelly wants to paint some of the rooms this weekend. I played badminton with the kids before they went to bed. All was well.

Kelly and I hung out, but it was late since it’s summer and neither kid feels the need to fall asleep before 11 anyway. By midnight I was thinking I needed to go, if I was going, since I had to get to work the next morning. Kelly wanted me to stay, which of course I wanted to do. But I forgot how she reacted on Sunday after we slept together.

Sure enough, same thing. She had had too much wine to really finish. I was exhausted by the time we fell asleep and in the morning, she freaked out again. She said I needed to leave before the kids got up because it would be too confusing for them if I was there since we were separated.

This was the first time she had said that word: separated. I thought I was just giving her some time by herself. What comes next? Dating other people?

Plus I had to go back to Brian’s to get clean clothes before work. Am I supposed to carry a ‘sleep-over bag’ when I go see my wife and kids?

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